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Your business results are directly tied to your ability to collaborate with others.

Are you creating the impact you need to make?

Learn EXACTLY how to become a leader who facilitates rich and productive collaboration that yields innovative problem-solving and stellar business results...even if you’re 100% remote.

There has never been a tougher time to be a people leader.

You’re managing, meeting, and communicating with team members, colleagues, clients, and partners who are all working in different environments.


Many are working from home, some are in socially distanced offices, and others shift back and forth between the two (while juggling kids and families all in their own state of flux!).


It often feels like a logistical nightmare, yet despite the upheaval, the work stakes have never been higher.


You have major problems to solve, business results to meet, and more pressure than ever before.


There’s definitely a lot on the line.

The COVID world has brought tremendous amounts of change, transition, uncertainty, and fear.


The need to adapt and change course at a moment’s notice is huge, and in many ways, a business’s ability to survive this time depends on it.


Your leaders’ eyes are on you — and you can feel it.


Despite having a team that’s virtual, or having the pressure of running high-stakes meetings from your living room on Zoom, you need to create results.


Despite having worked up to your eyeballs and zero bandwidth to take on one more thing, you need to move the needle.


And despite having some of the most unique and never-experienced-before COVID-related challenges cropping up left and right, you need to be able to problem-solve with your team and mobilize quickly to an innovative solution.


Your biggest question is: HOW?


While your organization was successful in having employees work from home, you’ve noticed some significant gaps.

 The biggest issue has been keeping people ENGAGED and working together WELL even though they’re remote.


Facilitating effective collaboration was often difficult under the best of circumstances, but now it’s a major challenge.


Yet you know that EVERY SINGLE problem, challenge, issue, or initiative you need to deliver on requires collaboration with others.


It requires truly thoughtful conversations among your team members, other leaders, or those from other departments.


It requires innovative problem-solving that is deep and thorough instead of the quickest band-aid you can find to fix an issue.


And it requires an inclusive, team-building culture that not only encourages ideas but motivates and mobilizes people to take ACTION toward the results you truly need.


It feels like such a tall order for a people leader whose OWN work-life has seen so much upheaval, too.


You wish you knew how to bring people together and get everyone on the same page.


To know EXACTLY how to lead conversations that tap the creative thinking of others and bring out a wealth of innovative solutions.


To facilitate collaboration that isn’t just talking, but motivates people to take inspired action.


To understand EXACTLY how your thoughts and actions as the leader affect the collaborative possibilities of the group. (spoiler alert: THEY DO!)


And to feel confident that no matter what problem or challenge needs solving — or what group of people you need to collaborate with to get that problem solved — you have a fail-proof method that leads to innovative problem-solving and significant results EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Good news, leader: all of that is possible.


It’s not your fault that you’ve struggled to collaborate with others in a way that produces rich and productive solutions and results.


We’ve all been taught — and seen it reinforced again and again — that problems are best solved through critical thinking that (quickly) yields one right answer. 


But the truth is humans are hard-wired to go through a universal CREATIVE process when they collaborate — a process that can yield MANY great ideas and solutions if allowed to run as designed. 


The issue is that we EACH have our OWN natural preference for how we like to go through this creative process — which makes working with others so darn difficult! (Sigh….humans.)

Course curriculum

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    • A message from your instructor

    • Before you go...

    • Next steps

  • 2

    Module 1 - Know your strengths as a collaborator

    • What we'll be doing together

    • Who are you as a collaborator?

    • TO DO: Take the FourSight Thinking Profile Assessment

    • Discover your strengths as a collaborator

    • The impact of thinking preferences on collaboration and problem solving

    • A language for collaboration - the key to working better together

    • Get access to the FourSight Application

    • TO DO: Complete and Share your Collaboration Profile

    • What's next

  • 3

    Module 2 - A toolset and process for collaboration

    • What we'll be doing together

    • What does productive collaboration need?

    • A model for collaboration

    • How to access your FourSight Online Toolset

    • Warming up to your toolset

    • Four keys to effective collaboration

    • Being deliberately creative in your approach

    • Know when to collaborate

    • Practice and Apply - Using your FourSight Toolset

    • What's next

  • 4

    Module 3 - How to find the right problem to solve together

    • What we'll be doing together

    • Warming up to the CLARIFY process step - Why and when to use it

    • Essential tools to CLARIFY

    • How to complete the CLARIFY process step

    • What if you needed to CLARIFY

    • Practice CLARIFY with yourself

    • Practice CLARIFY with others

    • Leading others to CLARIFY

    • What's next

  • 5

    Module 4 - How to generate and prioritize novel ideas to address your problem

    • What we'll be doing together

    • Warming up to the IDEATE step - Why and when to use it

    • Essential tools to IDEATE

    • How to complete the IDEATE process step

    • What if you needed to IDEATE?

    • Practice IDEATE with yourself

    • Practice IDEATE with others

    • Leading others to IDEATE

    • What's next

  • 6

    Module 5 - How to transform ideas into a well-rounded solution

    • What we'll be doing together

    • Warming up to the DEVELOP process step - Why and when to use it

    • Essential tools to DEVELOP

    • How to complete the DEVELOP process step

    • What if you needed to DEVELOP?

    • Practice DEVELOP with yourself

    • Practice DEVELOP with others

    • Leading others to DEVELOP

    • What's next

  • 7

    Module 6 - How to get momentum and take action on your solution

    • What we'll be doing together

    • Warming up to the IMPLEMENT process step - Why and when to use it

    • Essential tools to IMPLEMENT

    • How to complete the IMPLEMENT process step

    • What if you needed to IMPLEMENT

    • Practice IMPLEMENT with yourself

    • Practice IMPLEMENT with others

    • Leading others to IMPLEMENT

    • What's next

  • 8

    Module 7 - What? So What? And Now What? Bringing it all together

    • Common collaboration mistakes and how to avoid them

    • Know your process

    • Know your people

    • Work in context

    • Practice during a team meeting

    • Practice with an internal client

    • Practice with a cross-functional group

  • 9


    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Before you go...

    • More resources for you

Hi, I'm Janice Francisco

Innovation strategist, creative change leader and trainer.

In 2002 I had a major lightbulb moment.


I’d spent the last 5 years as a coach and change manager on large-scale transformation projects and had recently founded my innovation consulting firm to help people work better together and move through change more resourcefully. 


Throughout my work, I’d consistently witnessed leaders and teams struggling to solve problems. They had difficulty collaborating with each other and using effective ways to uncover innovative solutions. They didn’t understand their problems deeply enough, and they left a lot of potential for great solutions and innovation on the table in favor of what was quick and easy. 


It was clear they didn’t have an approach that was creative enough or deep enough to solve their problems in a way that would yield the best results.


Then I discovered FourSight - it’s a creative problem solving system The FourSight Thinking System, that helps people connect to their creativity so they can collaborate, communicate, and think better as teams.


Suddenly I understood why people had such difficulty working together and why we struggle to achieve what we’re collectively capable of!


I began to see that leaders (and workers of every kind) have blind spots about themselves — a lack of awareness about how THEY handle problems. I realized that everyone handles problems differently and that these differences are one HUGE reason why working with other people is so hard.


My lightbulb moment was realizing that critical thinking doesn’t solve problems well, but CREATIVE THINKING does. When you take the time to understand the kind of thinking your specific problem needs — and you also understand the individual way that YOU handle problems — you have your own personal paint-by-numbers plan for effective problem-solving.


Jazzed by this ah-ha, I began learning everything I could about creative thinking, a concept none of us were taught in school. I started to apply what I was learning to my own life and watched how I solved problems more effectively and worked better with others than I ever had before.


I then went on to get my Masters of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership and spent ten years researching the balance of people, process, and context to get optimal results.


What I realized was this: the reason people had difficulty solving problems and leading change was that they lacked awareness about themselves and about others. 


They needed the knowledge to understand how people naturally confront problems and challenges...


They needed the tools to become aware of THEIR personal preferences for confronting problems and challenges...


And they needed a FRAMEWORK that merged PEOPLE and PROCESS within their CONTEXT to solve problems and challenges more creatively in difficult or dynamic situations (as well as show others how to do the same). 


I combined everything I’d learned over the last 10years and created just that — my own proprietary ThinkUp Innovation Framework to serve as the ultimate pathway for people to follow to navigate change, work well together, and create results-driven solutions. 


It’s a fail-proof method that’s worked for EVERY problem or challenge I’ve applied it to since 2005 — and it’s worked across clients in businesses of every shape, size, and industry.

 The best part? It can work for YOU, too!


Collaboration to Produce Results

Collaboration to Produce Results is a 7-week online course that will teach you everything you need to facilitate better thinking on your team and lead productive collaboration, in both virtual and in-person settings.


As part of Collaboration to Produce Results, you’ll receive:


  • Seven Learning Modules

    That will lead you step-by-step through the framework for productive and results-driven collaboration

  • 71 Tools

    To help you dive deeper into what you’re learning in the course and apply it to your work and your leadership

  • Four Value-packed Bonuses

    To power-up your thinking, deepen your skill and help you

Program Breakdown

Here's what you'll learn and explore in each module of Collaboration to Produce Result

Module One: Know Your Strengths As A Collaborator

We’ll kick off the course by helping you analyze who you are as a collaborator. You'll take the FourSight Thinking Profile Assessment to better understand your problem-solving preferences and blind spots. 


Knowing problem-solving preferences is essential because the primary function of a team is to solve problems and make decisions to advance its goals. Once you know your preferences, you have a roadmap and language for problem solving and collaboration, and can then learn how to nurture the cognitive flexibility needed to maximize results, reduce conflict on teams, leverage diversity, and enhance inclusion.


In this module, we’ll use the following tools:

  • A private access link to complete the FourSight Thinking Profile Assessment
  • Your Thinking Profile Report
  • Personalized Thinking Profile Video
  • Short Interpretive Guide
  • Access to the FourSight Online Application
  • Forever access to your FourSight Thinking Profile and Collaboration Profile through the FourSight Online Application
  • Share Your Thinking Profile Activity 
  • Share Your Collaboration Profile Activity 
  • Using FourSight Language to describe and delegate work
  • Good Preference Bad Preference Guide 
  • FourSight Interpretive Guide (Detailed) 

Module Two: What Does Good Collaboration Need?

In Module Two, we'll show you a framework for collaboration that balances people and, process, product, and environment called the FourSight Creative Problem Solving Thinking System. Through the system’s four-step process, you can focus your team’s thinking and discover innovative solutions. 

You will also learn the fine art of how to bring people together for maximum effect. You'll learn how to be deliberately creative in your approach and how to establish conditions for creative thinking. We'll show you how to end the role confusion that so often sidetracks collaborative work and give you a process map that will detail how to maximize the effectiveness of collaboration and decision-making as you move your team through the thinking process.


In this module, you'll get:

  • FourSight Toolset Learner Guide
  • The FourSight Framework – A Process Key with Creative Thinking Guidelines and process support to help you decide where to start and how to proceed
  • FourSight Innovation Station Thinking Process – A Process Guide
  • 20 Thinking Tools to Clarify challenges, Ideate, Develop, and Implement solutions
  • 1-Year Access to the FourSight Online Toolset through the FourSight Online Application 
  • Innovation Station Programmable PDF to guide and capture your thinking as you Clarify, Ideate, Develop, and Implement 
  • Creative Thinking Guidelines – desktop tent card – PDF
  • Hits, Highlights, And Criteria – PDF
  • Roles And Responsibilities Cheat Sheet - PDF
  • When To Collaborate Guide - PDF
  • POINT Worksheet - PDF
  • Blog Article - Is collaboration dressed up as consensus in your organization?

Module Three: How Do You Find The Right Problems To Solve?

In Module Three, we’ll focus on the Clarify step of the thinking process. When you're navigating change and uncertain circumstances, the presenting problem is rarely the real problem. In this module, you'll learn how to make sure you're focused on the right problem to solve so you don't waste time on things that won't give you momentum towards your goals. And, if you find yourself in a situation where you're not sure what to do or how to go about it, this module will teach you how to get the clarity you need, so you always know the next steps for your team.

In this module, you’ll use Clarifying tools from the FourSight Online Toolset including:

  • Innovation Station – Clarify process step
  • Data Questions Tool
  • Mind Map Tool
  • Phrase Challenges and Questions Tool

And get these tools:

  • Clarify On Your Own - PDF
  • Clarify With Others – PDF 
  • Lead Others To Clarify – PDF
  • Mind Map – Data Questions Tool Worksheet - PDF
  • Collaborating Online: Hints, Tips, and Resources to explore - PDF
  • Blog Article - How does innovation increase productivity on teams?

Module Four: How Do I Generate And Prioritize Novel Ideas To Address The Problem?

In Module Four, we’ll focus on the Ideate step in the thinking process. You're not collaborating to come up with obvious ideas, and if you're navigating change and uncertainty you won't need yesterday's solutions  — you need more innovative solutions. Knowing how to be deliberately creative in how you generate and prioritize novel ideas will help you get them.

In this module, you'll learn how to generate an abundance of ideas to address a specific challenge without the conflict, discussion, debate, and other unproductive behaviors that so often get in the way, as well as how to avoid the mistakes most people make when brainstorming. 


In this module, you’ll use Ideating tools from the FourSight Online Toolset including:

  • Innovation Station – Ideate process step
  • Stick 'em Up Brainstorming Tool
  • Forced Connections Tool
  • Phrase Challenges and Questions Tool

And get these additional tools:

  • Forced Connections Images
  • Blog Article - How to run a brainstorming meeting


Module Five: How To Transform Ideas Into A Well-Rounded Solution

Module Five focuses on the Develop step of the thinking process. When you want to advance ideas and you're navigating change and uncertainty, you need ways to overcome the typical obstacles to getting buy-in and moving on to implementation.   

It's the Develop process step that really helps you win friends and influence people. In this module, you'll learn how to take prioritized ideas from the Ideate process step and craft them into a richly described solution that people will understand and want to buy into. Then you'll learn how to evaluate your solution and strengthen it before you share it widely with others. 


In this module, you’ll use Develop tools from the FourSight Online Toolset including:

  •  Innovation Station – Develop process step
  • POINt Tool

And get these additional tools:

  • Develop On Your Own - PDF
  • Develop With Others – PDF 
  • Lead Others To Develop – PDF
  • Blog Article - How to develop innovative ideas 

Module Six: How to take action on the solution

In Module Six, we’ll focus on the Implement step of the thinking process. Everybody thinks they know how to build an action plan, but few understand that implementing an action plan when you’re navigating change and uncertainty is all about remembering the context you’re working in and getting into action and learning as you go.  

In this module, you'll learn how to complete the Implement process step so you can take the right actions to move your solution to implementation. You will learn how to quickly and efficiently generate a list of action steps as well as how to gain insight that keeps you from being blindsided as you move forward and can make you aware of resources and supports you might not otherwise have thought to tap. 


In this module, you’ll use Implemt tools from the FourSight Online Toolset including: 

  • Innovation Station – Implement process step
  • Action Steps Tool
  • Assisters and Resistors Tool
  • Phrase Challenges and Questions Tool

Module Seven: How Do You Bring It All Together And Lead Others Through This Process To Achieve Better Results?

Now that you know a lot more about who you are as a collaborator, and you’ve had many opportunities to practice using the framework, process, and tools, it’s time to deepen your knowledge on how to collaborate to produce results. 


The focus of this module is bringing it all together and giving you an opportunity to learn from your experience thus far so that you can set yourself up for even greater collaboration success. If your work goes beyond collaborating with your immediate team and you need to collaborate across functions or with business partners, I want you to be confident that you’re ready for the big game. 

 In this module, you'll use these tools from the FourSight Toolset including: 

  • Stakeholder Analysis Tool
  • Stick’em Up Brainstorming Tool 

And you'll get these additional tools:

these additional resources to enhance your learning:

  • If…Then Keyword Search Collaboration Cheat Sheet PDF
  • Stakeholder Analysis Template – MS WORD
  • Sample Collaboration Meeting Agenda – PDF
  • Sample Meeting Preparation Checklist – PDF
  • Self-Assessment - map your work to the FourSight process - PDF
  • Self-Assessment - complete a stakeholder analysis – PDF
  • Using FourSight During A Meeting - PDF
  • Using FourSight With An Internal Client - PDF
  • Using FourSight With An External Client - PDF
  • Using FourSight With A Cross-Functional Group - PDF

Collaboration to Produce Results is already PACKED with value that will transform how you collaborate with others

but when you join now you’ll also receive the following BONUSES…

  • The Innovative Team Audio book by Chris Grivas and Gerard Puccio

    The Innovative Team is an engaging business fable that reveals the impact our underlying work style preferences have on our teams and their results. The authors present a breakthrough thinking process — the FourSight Thinking Process — for developing successful teams.

  • Master the Toolset

    There are 20 tool cards in the FourSight Tool card set and there are many ways to use them, on their own or as a complement to the FourSight process steps. We’ll help you be deliberate in your approach to learning them all with an Excel spreadsheet to monitor and track your progress and inspire you to find real work opportunities for practice.

  • Being Creative Online Course

    Being Creative helps early and mid-career business professionals learn how to become out of the box thinkers who can move through life’s challenges more resourcefully and resiliently and achieve more creative and effective results.

  • Being Creative: 3 Skills to Create Change and Transform Ideas into Outcomes

    Being Deliberate, Being Driven, and Being Courageous are the emotional intelligence and transformational skills that power your ability to take a deliberately creative and productive approach to thinking and doing to create results. In this bonus, we will deepen your awareness of these skills by exploring how the connection to meaningful purpose fuels the drive required to undertake and sustain the collaborative effort, and, how the ability to tolerate uncertainty, risk and a willingness to embrace vulnerability and ambiguity will propel your efforts.

Ready to transform YOUR collaboration skills

and generate more innovative solutions that lead to stellar business results?

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Top Features for $1,297 USD

  • 7 recorded video modules

  • Course completion certificate

  • 71 Tools in total

  • 6 group coaching calls delivered within 6 months of

  • Community: 24/7 access to our community of learners for support and accountability. Weekly check-ins via the in course discussion forum by a trained facilitator.

  • 1-year access to the FourSight Online Toolset


Most Popular Value Added Offering for $1597 USD

  • Everything in the BASIC program PLUS:

  • 60 minute one-on-one FourSight Mindset Reveal coaching call to debrief Your Thinking Profile

  • 3 additional content bonuses - Forced Connections tool Images PDF; Clearing through the Fog tool; Facts, Feelings, Hunches Tool.


Certification and Extended Learning Support for $2,997

  • Everything in the ENHANCED program PLUS:

  • Certificate of Completion: Opt in to earn a course completion certificate. Complete all course modules and practice activities and submit a learning brief to earn an official course completion certificate.

  • 2 X 60 minute one-on-one coaching calls

  • 90 minute strategy session for you or the leader driving your initiative for better results

Enjoy a Rich Learning Environment

Deepen your learning experience with coaching calls and access to our Online Learning Community, Discussion Forum and Facilitator Feedback

  • Learn on work you're doing anyway

  • With guided practice you'll know exactly how to approach real-life practice on your own and with others

  • Use the Discussion Forum after each practice activity to complete the learning cycle; reflect on your experience, capture ideas and insights and connect to future possibilities

  • Benefit from peer learning through our Online Community - make connections and build on others' experience

  • Interact with a trained facilitator on Q&A calls, in the Discussion Forum and Online Community who can provide encouragement, highlight insights, answer questions and offer builds that create a rich learning opportunity

Here's what customers say about this training

I needed a strong partner to help educate and empower new innovation team

by Robert Pope

BridgePoint Effect masterfully showed us how to collaborate across the organization. With their ThinkUP Innovation Framework and the FourSight thinking process, they provided the team with the tools and capabilities needed to rise to the innovation program challenge. Building on this foundation, the innovation team members became well known, respected and highly sought after to help drive the innovation work aimed at solving real business challenges.

We needed a way to get our middle managers out of silos and working more collaboratively.

by Laura Matthews

Our IT group was having difficulty satisfying client needs with strong business solutions. BridgePoint Effect taught our IT Directors how to collaborate across functions, let go of the belief they had to have all the answers, and showed them how to step into the role of thinking facilitators. As a result, silos came down, client satisfaction went up and staff were better engaged in finding business solutions.

I needed a way to bring teams together from across the organization

By Karen Brownrigg

We had to develop an innovative, global strategy and knew that our organization would be stronger by leveraging everyone's knowledge. We needed to get teams out of silo mentality, and we needed a process, tools, and a way to get multiple teams collaborating. BridgePoint Effect guided our leadership team, provided training and helped us achieve more than we ever thought possible.

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You can dive into the course for the first 30 days and begin transforming your collaboration skills. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can request a refund within 30 days. This entire program is designed to help you put the knowledge that you’re learning into action. You will be asked to share your implementation and results in the program to qualify for a refund.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • When will I have access to the material?

    You’ll have immediate access to Module One, as soon as you join the program. The remaining modules will be released each week. You will have forever access to the course materials, and forever access to the FourSight Online App to view Your Thinking Profile and edit your Collaboration Profile. You have 1-year access (renewable) to the FourSight Online Tool Kit.

  • How much time should we set aside each week?

    Every individual will go at their own pace, but you should expect to set aside 2-3 hours per week to complete each module.

  • How do I ask questions or get feedback during the program?

    Submit your questions for our Live Q&A calls via email to

  • How long it the program?

    The program is 7 modules.

  • Is this a self-paced course or am I on a deadline to complete it?

    This is a self-paced course with the option of completing a module in a week or over a longer timeframe based on your learning needs. Whatever your timeline, we recommend students participate in the discussion forums as they move through each module and participate in group Q&A calls. This enables you to learn from others, pose questions to the learning community, and get encouragement, insights and builds from the trained course facilitator.

  • Do you offer a payment plan?

    Yes! Of course! Our goal is to set you up for success from the start and provide you with the best opportunity to excel in being creative. Besides offering a budget-friendly and competitive price for our course, we offer installment plans to minimize any financial obstacles in your way.

  • When will I be charged for the course?

    When you register for the course, you will be charged based on the payment plan you select. In full payments will be processed at the time of registration. If you opt to use a payment plan, we’ll charge your first installment at registration, and the balance of your course fees will be processed based on the installment plan you select.

There's not a person on the planet who likes sitting through a bad, unproductive, and leader-driven meeting

People want to contribute, to be creative, and to be part of a (highly innovative) solution.

They have ideas to offer, creative thinking to unleash, and collaborative energy to tap that’s powerful and transformative.


They need a leader who can FACILITATE THEIR THINKING and bring the creative possibilities of the group to life.


When a leader is able to do this well…

  • teams begin to function at the top of their game
  • problems turn into possibilities for innovation
  • and business results are met and exceeded — consistently and with greater ease. 


The process, however, begins with YOU.


When you uncover your own individual nature toward solving problems — as well as understand the process for facilitating creative thinking — you not only become a better problem solver but a better leader overall.


You become a THINKING FACILITATOR who taps the full power of collaboration, knows how to solve problems more easily, and creates truly meaningful results.


Collaboration to Produce Results was designed to show you how.

Your Instructor

Janice Francisco

Founder, Principal Consultant,

Janice Francisco

Janice knows that leaders shouldn’t have to always feel alone. She helps businesses come together, solving problems as a team. She’s worked with over 500 teams and has figured out how to navigate the inevitable ambiguity and challenges that come up. The ThinkUP Innovation Framework™ is her approach and toolkit to help teams transform how they work together, adapt to evolving circumstances and deliver outstanding results. As an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur with an MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership, Janice is a decisive navigator and a pragmatic integrator who brings tireless creativity and forthright dialogue to a global clientele. She has worked with start-ups, scale-ups, SME’s, large organizations, governments and non-profits.