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How do you approach a challenge?

What revs you up? What trips you up?

Today, innovation is a hot topic. 

As businesses adapt, shift, pivot and stretch to meet the demands of a changing world, leaders want innovative solutions. 

But they can't be achieved without innovative thinking and productive collaboration. 

That's why innovation only happens when you hold people accountable for doing things better. 

Since 2002 we've shown over 5000 individuals and more than 500 teams how to work better together.

In this fully online course, we'll show you how to do it too by introducing you to FourSight.

Seriously, collaboration shouldn't have to be so hard.  

FourSight is a creative problem-solving system that helps teams collaborate so that they can discover innovative solutions. 

An assessment helps you understand your approach to problem-solving, and an intuitive language, process, and tools help you do it better.


So, how do you approach a challenge?  


FourSight gets at the heart of innovation and shows you how you prefer to think creatively.

Do you prefer to clarify challenges, ideate, develop or implement ideas?

Whatever your thinking profile,  research shows that your approach impacts how you innovate, collaborate and how you lead.


In this fully online course, we'll show you how to use Your Thinking Profile Report to build on your strengths and give you a new understanding of how to achieve peak performance in problem-solving, innovation and team collaboration.


You'll gain practical insights on how to use Your Thinking Profile as a roadmap to:

  • Work more efficiently
  • Get the most out of teamwork
  • Bring the right thinking to the table
  • Benefit from diversity and inclusion
  • Build strong relationships
  • Get better results when you collaborate, communicate, innovate and delegate.


This workshop is suitable for leaders and their teams, team building and cross-functional teams who need to collaborate to solve problems and engage in innovation more productively.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Mindset Reveal Online

    • Welcome - A Message from your Instructor

    • Tour of your Course Player

    • What is FourSight?

    • TO DO: Let's get your tech in order

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Who are you as a collaborator?

    • Introduction

    • How do you approach a challenge?

  • 3

    Take the FourSight Thinking Profile Assessment

    • TO DO: Take the FourSight Thinking Profile Assessment

  • 4

    Get Your Thinking Profile Results

    • TO DO: Request Your Thinking Profile Results

    • TO DO: Review Your Thinking Profile Results

  • 5

    Know your Strengths and Shadows

    • What we'll be doing together

    • Making sense of Your Thinking Profile results

    • The Clarifier Preference

    • The Ideator Preference

    • The Developer Preference

    • The Implementer Preference

    • The Integrator Preference

    • How to maximize your results

  • 6

    Get the FourSight App

    • TO DO: Sign-up and Log in to the FourSight App

  • 7

    Practice Activities

    • Setting yourself up for success

    • Questionnaire - How will you use this?

    • 1 - Share Your Thinking Profile

    • 2 - Complete and share your Collaboration Profile

    • 3 - Listen for preferences in the wild

    • 4 - Watch your language!

    • 5 - Work in process

    • 6 - Overcoming the pull of thinking preferences on your team

  • 8

    Before you go

    • Course Feedback - Liked, Learned, Surprised

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

Your Training Materials

Here's what's included:

  • FourSight Thinking Profile Assessment

  • Your Thinking Profile Report

  • Personalized Thinking Profile Video

  • FourSight Short Interpretive Guide

  • Access to the FourSight Online Application; Access your Thinking Profile, the Mindset Learner Map and the Collaboration Profile

  • FourSight Interpretive Guide (detailed)

  • JOB AID: Good Preference / Bad Preference


Founder, Principal Consultant,

Janice Francisco

Janice Francisco is the founder and principal consultant of BridgePoint Effect. For over 15 years, she’s helped leaders, teams, and businesses approach challenges and solve problems more effectively, together. She’s worked with over 500 teams and 6000 individuals to help them transform how they work with others, adapt to evolving circumstances, and deliver outstanding results. As an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur with an MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership, Janice is a decisive navigator and a pragmatic integrator who brings tireless creativity and forthright dialogue to a global clientele. She has worked with start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, large organizations, governments, and nonprofits.